Building Your Curiosity

My core need is to be curious and to know things, but do I really know it? This can only be tested if I make a business out of it.

- Kunal Shah

This is such an important point that Kunal makes. It has immense value in the process of building your passion, converting ideas and dreams into action helps us determine some very important questions:

  1. Is the idea valuable?

We tend to overvalue our ideas, but testing its value with its intended customers is another story. It gets us closer to reality and saves us from the hardships of executing an idea not valued by your customers. See how you can validate your idea

  1. Am I the right person to execute this idea?

Just because it is your idea/dream does not make you the best person to execute it (at least not with the current skill set), we need a reality check on this before we commit and go big. Executing the idea as an experiment gives us a sneak peak into what it takes and do we have the skill set required for the same.

  1. Am I really passionate about this idea?

Building anything from scratch is not easy, specially when the results are unpredictable. What will keep you going is your passion and belief in the idea, which is tested when you start building and face the ground reality

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