Flexiple - Idea Validation Report

COVID has changed many things about how we work.

For some it meant Zoom calls vs. physical meetings or managing teams through chats! But for some it opened up a completely new way to work

Freelance work!

Freelance jobs grew by 41% in 2020! And Indians are among the biggest beneficiaries of this growth. But freelancing comes with its own challenges not only for the freelancers but also for the hiring firms.

Read our comparison of Freelance Economy vs. the Creator Economy

Flexiple set out to solve for this sector. They are a network of the top 1% freelance developers and designers making it easier for firms to hire the top freelance talent while ensuring freelancers get to choose from high quality work opportunities.

This week we take deep dive into Flexiple with our Advanced Idea Validation Tool and see what potential does this startup idea holds.

Download the report here: bit.ly/curio-revelio-flexiple-ivr

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