Idea Validation Bootcamp

Have you ever had a great startup idea, but never took action. Then a few years later you hear about a startup successfully building the exact same idea!?


Well it has happened to me thrice!

First was in 2008, I got really crazy about momo's (have you had Balco market momo's in Delhi?! Yumm!). I was hell bent on starting a momo's chain focusing on hygiene and high quality standards. Seemed so obvious, but I never took any action.

Same year Wow Momo's was founded, and now they do Rs. 180 Cr in annual turnover!

Then around 2011, while I was in college. Idea was to build a smart helmet with Bluetooth, navigation, rear-view camera - basically a fully loaded cool helmet! I never got to building it...

2014: Skully launches the worlds first smart helmet

2015-16 was an interesting time!
I was about to join ISB and was spending the last month swimming and playing badminton. I struggled to find fellow players almost daily! And voila, idea came to build an app where players can find each other, book a field/court and play. Again, procrastination got the better of me.

Little did I know that @Playo had already started the sports revolution in Bangalore a few years ago!

Don't get me wrong, I don't remotely intend to say that I would have executed the idea as good as the above Founders did, but I did learn a hard lesson...

Ideas are worthless without execution!

Had I even validated any one of those ideas, I would have realized how much value they can provide!

And I know many folks who share these stories of missed opportunities with me.

I want to make sure everyone has a chance to build their ideas and the first step is realizing the value their ideas can bring.

After a successful first cohort, we are launching the Idea Validation Bootcamp to the public!

A 1-week, high-paced cohort-based bootcamp to test your crazy startup ideas!
By the end of the week you will:

  1. Understand your target customers better
  2. Estimate demand for your idea
  3. Get real customers who want your product/service
  4. Work along with like-minded folks building their ideas!

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