Side Hustle Ideas


Side hustle or side gig are broad terms and a 'side hustler' can be classified into:


Creative work using unique skills, you trade time and creativity for money

  • Selling art online: Via NFTs, personalized creations for gifting
  • Online courses: Teach professionals or students
  • Selling home cooked food, bakery

Hackers | Collectors

You build a solution for a niche market by collecting, organizing knowledge and selling it online for a small amount (INR 100-500).
You trade a high one-time effort for future revenue

  • Growing social media followers:
  • Growth hacks to gain 10k LinkedIn followers
  • 10 secrets to write the perfect Tweet
  • Book recommendations
  • Earn through affiliate links
  • Summarize famous podcasts/ books into articles or Tweets
  • Helps you earn social media followers

Gig workers

Low complexity work where you trade your time for money

Top side hustle gig ideas for your side income

  • Delivery: Food, Packages
  • Cab driving: Uber, Ola, Scooter taxi's

Read the difference between Creator economy and Gig economy here.


Side hustles were started as a means to have an alternative source of income.

Over the years it has evolved into an alternative source of fulfilling work.

You should start a side hustle to:

1. Work on something you enjoy

2. Earn extra income

3. Test out your startup ideas with a full time job

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