Top 10 Predictions for 2022

2021 was crazy, 2022 is going to raise the bar!

Top 10 predictions for 2022

(Startups, DAOs, Web3, Remote work & more):

1. More money will move to crypto-blockchain powered projects/startups

2. Major Crypto regulatory breakthrough, it will make or break some crypto projects/startups

3. The Great Resignation will continue, more people will leave/change 9-5 jobs for better quality of work and work-life balance

4. More Startups will adopt remote work to get access to top global talent

5. New funding rounds will keep flowing | The way funding is measured changed drastically in 2021, VCs are taking more risky bets

6. But VCs will start looking for returns | 41 unicorns only India (or was it 42?!) but what about returns?

7. Web2 companies will start executing their Web3 strategies

8. Communities will be the new Social Media

9. A DAO will go head-to-head with a big corporate, and maybe win!

10. Creator economy will continue to thrive, but Creators will start looking for work-life balance


A major social media (most probably Twitter) will go all-in on Crypto/Web3

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