Validating Your Business Idea

Order a Pizza or Validate your Business Idea!

Validating your business idea is not easy!

Trust me, I have been through this grind 😫

Depending on your idea you can try a few things:

- Surveys

- Customer calling

- Pre-launch waitlists

There is another method to test out demand...

And it took me just 5 days and less than Rs. 600 to get over 200 potential customers!

Here's what I did:

- Built an interest form for this potential service

- Captured demographics, pain points, and a potential price point

- Sacrificed a cheese burst pizza with garlic bread

- Ran a Facebook ad with that money

And here are the results (see image):

Reach: 8,726

Engagement: 5.23% (I know!)

Leads: 225

Now I know who to target (age group, city, gender) and what do they expect from the service

Next steps:

I have a list of 200+ potential customers to get 1st-hand feedback on my prototype

What are you waiting for?

Test your idea today, have the 🍕 tomorrow!

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