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Creator Economy vs. The Freelance Economy

The Freelance economy is like the elder sibling 🧓 to the younger 'cool' Creator Economy 👶
Both are very similar, yet different.
1. The Freelance economy took all the risks and set the path for the Creator economy 🛣️
2. It did everything that was uncool but made it work 👨🏭
3. It had lower adoption due to some challenges, which the Creator Economy won't face due to advancing tech solutions 👩💻
But still both will survive side-by-side! 🤝

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Build something you believe in and love, not for your ego 👨💼

Another day, another startup failure story. ☠️ We all know 95%+ of startups fail, but what about second-time founders?
They know the game and have been successful, they will surely succeed!
Justin Kan sold Twitch for ~ $1 billion! 🤑 And then failed in his second venture 0️⃣
In this Twitter thread he shares his learning and why he failed despite:
- 5 Co-founders
- $10m Series A
- An amazing team
- Successful exit from his previous firm

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A 3-step Life Framework by Naval 3️ 🎯

Another gem by Naval where he talks about how intellectual curiosity drives him.
He goes on to share his own 3-step life framework: "To make money you need specific knowledge, leverage, and accountability"

- Future of college and work 📜 👔 | @00:17 min
- What do money making people do? 🤔 💰 | @01:21 min
- Curiosity is the compass 🧭 | @02:01 min
- 3-Step Life Framework to make Money 💰 | @05:40 min
- Leverage is the force multiplier ❌ | @05:50 min
- Accountability: Credit and Risk 🥂 📉 | @06:35 min
- Specific knowledge 🧠 | @07:03 min
- How to build specific knowledge 🏗️🧠 | @07:50 min

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